Curry carts, children's nurseries and now bridesmaids for hire? I couldn't quite believe my eyes when I stumbled across a blog post titled something along the lines of...'Hiring a professional bridesmaid.'

Having never been married myself, but having had close family members who have planned their big day, I can for sure see that it's a stressful time with lots to think about and even more to actually do - but this one made me sad. The idea that for the right amount of money someone would pretend to be your closest friend and the fact that it's being considered to be a lucrative business is a bit of a mood killer for me. I get it, some people don't have many friends to call on for these big moments, I'm lucky enough to have a sister who would be my first and obvious choice, but in terms of girlfriends...I'm running pretty low on bridesmaids. I don't know what the male version of a maid is, but that's what more likely what I'd have....a 'brideguy' maybe.

The 'professional bridesmaid' (as they're being referred to) is there to help throughout the planning process as well as the big day. They'll sort the hen party planning, they'll talk you through the panic 'I don't want to do it anymore' moment whilst you taste cake and even go dress shopping with you. To be fair that last one's not a bad idea, at least they'd give you an honest opinion...too many brides are told 'you look like a princess' by their best friends that can all see the back fat we could also all see on the big day and in the pictures to last a lifetime! 

So, as with anything there are plus sides, but personally, the shame of other people finding out coupled with the money it costs to hire a friend (up to £2,500)'s not something I'd do and it's certainly not something I'd advocate. One girl even dyed her hair because the bride wanted all blondes, or all brunettes, or whatever it was...turns out Mum was wrong all really can buy your friends. 


P.S. Sorry for the ranty blog post, I watched Piers-the-knobhed-Morgan on Good Morning ITV or whatever it's called and he rubbed me up the wrong way...and my breakfast strawberries were mouldy. First world problems I know.