'What happened, my dear Zero, is I beat the living shit out of a sniveling little runt called Pinky Bandinski, who had the gall to question my virility. Because, if there's one thing we've learned from penny dreadfuls, it's that when you find yourself in a place like this, you must never be a candy ass; you've got to prove yourself from day one. You've got to win their respect. You should take a long look at his ugly mug this morning. He's actually become a dear friend. You'll meet him, I hope so.'

{ M. Gustave }


I'm not the kind of creative that walks along the beach and draws inspiration from the formation of the sand, or whose mind conjures the most wonderful creative images just by listening to the birdsong outside my window. Some days I have blank days, I mean really blank days...days where I find Phillip and Holly absolutely mesmerising and once they're off air I stare at the dog's nose until he wants a walk...that kind of blank day. To get me out of those slumps and to get my creative juices flowing once again, I watch The Grand Budapest Hotel. As soon as the score of 'Moonshine' by Alexandre Desplat hops, skips and jumps through the speakers, I get a niggle of excitement and a sudden desire to create beautiful things again. The way Monsieur Gustave delivers his lines, the backdrop of colours, the clouds, the hotel keys, the cake boxes at Mendl's...everything about the film fuels me to pull my socks up and get to work.

With a few photoshoots around the corner, here's a little something I've been working on. I think it's fairly clear which film I watched right before I sat down to work.