The guest list is one of the worst Sunday afternoon wedding jobs. You know you’re probably going to disagree about someone or something, so take out any additional ‘does he really need a plus one?’ stress by sticking to these guest list tips.




How to decide who gets a plus one and who definitely doesn’t…


First things first, once you’ve set the guest list be strict. No late additions, even if he really really really reeeaaally likes her.


Don’t give a blind plus one. If you haven’t met the partner several times before then there’s no need to invite them to your wedding. You don’t want any strangers rocking up at the top table mid speeches.


Offer the bridesmaids, groomsmen and bridal party a plus one. Just ask them to let you know who they’re going to be brining.


If you’ve got a long distance friend travelling and he/she won’t know anyone else except you at the wedding, allow for a plus one so they don’t feel awkward.


If there’s someone on your guest list who you think might be expecting a plus one, but it’s a definite no from you, then let them know in person ahead of sending out invitations.