With my new wedding stationery collection launching this week, I thought I'd tell you a little more about where the weird names come from and why I opt for simplicity over sparkles. 


First up is the Kihei collection. Kihei is beach-combing territory on Maui's southwest shore, the most sunny end of the island with the least rain too. With 6 miles of beaches offering clear views of Kahoolawe, Molokini, Lanai and West Maui, this is the place I learnt to surf and so will always hold a place in my heart. Hopefully you'll fall in love with my version of Kihei too.  



Makawao is next in the collection. Simple but structured and a little more reserved...just like Makawao itself. Upcountry Maui, Makawao is located on the mid-slopes of Maui's Haleakala volcano with one foot in its plantation past and another in its thriving arts community. So, it's clear why I've chosen to name this particular style after one of the top 25 arts destinations in the states. 



Lahaina is another favourite of mine, both the namesake and the style. Although the village's historic whaling roots are not something I agree with, the new Maui hotspot is now the perfect blend of old architecture and new shopping boutiques. Ranked one of the 'Top Ten Greatest Streets', it's picture perfect with a little more too it. Much the same as the stationery that it has inspired. 



The Paia collection is an old favourite newly revamped for 2018. The place I called home when in Hawaii, Paia is a historic town on Maui's north coast. A hospitable community with rustic storefronts and colourful local art all around, it's the place to be for happy, healthy hippies. Shining from the inside out, it seemed only right to adorn this stationery suite with a delicate touch of gold leaf.