Your Mumma told you to do it, your teachers told you to do it, the girl that sits next to you at work tells you to do it nine thousand times a day, your dermatologist, nutritionist and therapist told you to do it. DRINK MORE WATER. Well it turns out they were and are right. If you make and keep one resolution for 2018, make it a focus on hydration. Over 70 percent of the human body is composed of water and every single function in the body only occurs well if it’s adequately hydrated. This includes the activities of the brain and the nervous system, they didn’t tell you that did they?!

When the brain suffers from a lack of water, numerous side effects occur, including inability to focus, poor memory, brain fatigue and brain fog as well as headaches, sleep issues, increased anxiety, depression and moodiness. What we don’t tend to realise is that the average adult actually loses up to two litres of water a day just through sweating, breathing and going to the loo. So, if you don’t top yourself back up throughout the day, then your brain and overall health can take quite the tumble. Your brain in particular can take the hit.

Seeing as three-quarters of your brain is made up of water, when you let yourself get dehydrated your brain actually shrinks in volume. Even just mild or temporary dehydration can alter your brain function and impact your mood, so it really is a habit to pick up and keep. Studies have shown that if your brain drops even just two percent in its normal water quantity, you could feel those symptoms mentioned earlier coming on. Further studies have shown that prolonged dehydration can even lead to increased cholesterol, rapid heart rate or breathing, low blood pressure, premature ageing and even dementia. 

Water is what gives the brain the electrical energy it needs to function, it’s also essential for delivering nutrients to the brain as well as taking any toxins away from it. Fortunately, if you’ve skipped your normal hydration routine there is a quick and simple solution to cure the brain fog that’s creeping in and making it even harder to get through your tax return - because within just 20 minutes of drinking water, any short term side effects are reversed.


The busy nature of modern life can often mean that staying hydrated isn’t as much of a priority as it should be, so here are a few ways to stay hydrated on the daily and make watering your body part of your routine.

WAKE UP WITH WATER. Start your day right with optimal brain function by drinking 1-2 big glasses of water as soon as you wake up.

TAKE IT EVERYWHERE. Keep a bottle of water near you and at your desk throughout the day.

SWAP IT IN. Cut out soda, coffee, milk, juice and swap in water instead. Those other  drinks won’t give your body and brain the same level of hydration as water, in fact, soda and coffee will actually contribute to dehydration. 

GO GREEN. Try adding a super green powder to your water. This can improve alkalinity and enhance brain function even further. 

CHECK YOUR TEMPERATURE. Cold water absorbs 20 percent faster than tepid water, so to increase the speed of recovery and re-hydration drink chilled water. 

ALWAYS FILTERED. The type of water you drink is also important. Try to opt for filtered over tap water where possible. 

ADD SOME FLAVOUR. If you really can’t stomach plain water, then add a squeeze of lemon or lime juice, a few sprigs of fresh mint or some slices of cucumber for a little more flavour. A few frozen berries are also nice, especially in the summer.