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September may still evoke that familiar ‘back to school’ feeling, however this year it represents a wakeup call you simply can’t ignore. This has the potential for exciting new beginnings. On the 5th an apparently chance encounter leads to a unique makeover, which you’ll see is much more than skin deep. You're on a self-fulfilment quest with all kinds of repercussions for work and lifestyle routines. Your vitality levels, including your capacity for fun and some seriously hot loving, will reach new heights if you recognise what you really need. Yet for once – even you – can’t expect instant results. After the 15th a valued prize will be in sight, and by the 23rd anything is possible concerning an irresistible new person on the scene.



You may start the month feeling slightly jaded as a result of recent commitments, but this is about to change. After the 7th you will be offered an opportunity which could reboot your zest for life and banish some of the more negative feelings you have been grappling with. The key to success now is seeking fresh inspiration from untried and untested sources. This may well mean exploring creative avenues and injecting a playful spark into your love life too, whether you are single or attached. Make the most of an adventurous approach to collaborations of all kinds. After the 20th innovative thinking will pay off in style and you’ll also realise that appreciating yourself fully is the key to a relationship breakthrough.



There are many advantages to getting back to basics this month, which will be evident as early as the 3rd. And it’s more enjoyable than it might sound as an antidote to August’s social demands and output of nervous energy. Steps to simplify your life will lift your spirits in miraculous ways. This may mean going back to your roots in one way or another, and paying special attention to any overlooked relationships. You’ll also gain a great deal by digging into your family history – a revelation midmonth could take you by surprise. Engaging with loved ones openly and intimately is a vital ingredient in September’s success. Then, by the 25th, what once seemed like a pipedream may be more realistic than anyone had thought possible.



You are subtle and considerate in your dealings with others, however from the 4th it’s time to speak your mind directly. This will prove to be the best way to handle someone whose behaviour has been troubling you for a while. Seize your moment and enjoy this no-nonsense approach, as you’ll make major headway in more than one area of life. However, any potential conflict shouldn’t be allowed to get out of hand. On the 19th an exotic offer is another positive sign but will require you to go with the flow. As you make sense of all the exciting, if complex, developments during September, you’ll also solve a home/work dilemma. When you have accomplished this, be sure to celebrate a significant sense of achievement. You deserve it.



From early September the spotlight falls on the assets and projects that really matter to you. Be sure to focus on your key personal priorities. If recently you have been dragging your feet, now you must go for what you want without hesitation. Around the 11th you will know that you are embarking on an important adventure and should appreciate your own resources and talents. After the 19th on-going cash affairs will need to be tackled and it becomes obvious that money represents deeper issues than you may have thought. Understanding this thoroughly will ultimately be liberating. At the same time an unexpected gift will take an unusual form, and you won’t necessarily know its full meaning at first… allow this to unfold.



However reticent you are about being at the centre of attention, now you can’t avoid having the spotlight trained on you. You have earned this, so try to enjoy it. Various people have expectations of you, but none of these are as high as those you place on yourself. From the 11th take a deep breath and be sure to put yourself first for once, as midmonth marks a special turning point and is in fact the fresh start you really need. However, from the 25th it’s also important to stay grounded, as close encounters will deliver all kinds of surprises. Glamour and entertainment are definitely on the agenda, while your innate common sense will be vital to pin down your personal achievements. Expect to rediscover a few forgotten, yet genuine, treasures too.



Being a social butterfly suits you much of the time, and recently it has introduced you to all kinds of new people and opportunities. But if this hectic activity has been a bit too much, September presents the perfect conditions to take a back seat – you can even be a hermit for a while if you feel like it. Great results will come without you needing to strive to achieve them. Intriguing action unfolds behind the scenes and later you’ll know how to maximise this beautifully. After the 18th sharp thinking will also get to the heart of a dilemma, and you’ll need to improvise a little… even some chaos at work will have its upside. On the 23rd you’ll realise that you have made some dazzling progress where it really counts.



Your capacity to interpret the undercurrents in situations has been invaluable this summer. Having x-ray vision and solving the deeper mysteries in life is one of your fine gifts, but there is no need for this to become obsessive or to allow yourself to get bogged down. From early September breadth of vision and forward thinking will lead to what you most need to know. By taking a leap of faith and staying open-minded you’ll embrace inspiring new influences and contacts. Networking is at the crux of personal and professional victories, and you’ll only know the full extent of this after the 22nd. When you're on a roll, no one can deny your charismatic impact. Enjoy indulging a romantic fantasy too, but beware of getting totally carried away.



A positive and fun-loving attitude makes you popular, and this autumn should offer up the kind of exploits you most relish. However, from the 8th you are also poised to make headway when it comes to your career, plus other long-term goals and aspirations. Around midmonth being a little cautious in your decision-making will not cramp your style. Some misunderstandings at home may arise, so being focused will become increasingly important. After the 21st you’ll attract attention from someone you admire, and at the same time you’ll be able to impress them as much as you want. Intimate distractions in late September will keep you on your toes – of course you’ll throw yourself into this, but don’t for a moment let it derail you from your mission.



Follow your heart when it comes to your dreams and ambitions – nothing will stand in your way if you decide to pursue a project you have held back on until now. With a little discussion and planning you can achieve a great deal, and will see a breakthrough as early as the 10th. No matter how determined you are to hit specific targets this September, it’s also important for you to explore unknown ground and take off on adventures that you cannot control or predict the outcomes of. Just roll with the changes as they arise. From the 21st you’ll experience the benefits of being flexible and will find that you actually thrive on this. Your courage and spontaneity will result in someone special taking you very seriously indeed.



Your inventive mind and capacity for rational thinking always play a special role in your approach to life. However, now is the time to plunge more instinctively into the underlying emotional complications of certain relationships, professionally and personally.  Around midmonth a series of ‘eureka’ moments will have the power to open your eyes to a whole new take on romantic life too, while at the same time you'll sense that you have met your match in more ways than one. You will rise to this, and even the inevitable confrontations will prove to be highly therapeutic. However, at the same time, look out for someone who harbours hidden agendas. Remember, you have the imagination to outwit anyone.



This September, collaborations of all kinds will reap rewards. This will require you to be assertive in terms of what you need and what you find acceptable from other people. Personal relationships will be at the top of the agenda from the 7th, although understanding someone else’s motives can seem like heavy duty detective work. However, you will overcome the challenges posed and may well taste sweet success by midmonth. Once again, your powers of perception will prove to be an amazing talent and you’ll learn so much by observing other people’s behaviour. By the 29th a unique character will also have insight into what you need, and in one way or another you may well find you are being swept off your feet.