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Even though I’m writing this after another 14 day stint without any time off…the balance between life and work and getting it right is super important. Important for your self, your health and even your wealth.


Productivity needs to be nurtured and can only reach its full potential if you take time out to rest. For sure imbalance is normal, it’s near enough impossible to get it right, but have a little read and see how to at least manage the scale.





Truth is, there’s no such thing as a perfect work-life balance, and the more you try to get it bang on - the more pressure you’re putting on yourself and chances are that will backfire. The main thing is to find your motivation and focus your energy on it. If your motivation is a big house, nice car and fancy shoes then you’re going to have to put in the hours at the office…if your motivation is your relationship, growing a family and keeping in touch with friends - then you’re going to have to put a little extra time into your ‘life’ category. All-important, is that this is a conscious decision and you’re not doing it out of guilt.





Work is generally more defined, you start work at 9, you have lunch at 1, you have to get that report out by end of play Friday, you might get a promotion in August and there’s your bonus in December – everything is fairly laid out ready for the taking. Life can be a little more hazy, you put things off and priorities often change. So try to set yourself a rough, realistic, schedule for life – meet with your mates once a week, cook Sunday lunch every Sunday and make these non-negotiables.





If you definitely can’t find the illusive ‘balance’ – at least learn to switch off from time to time, literally. Your phone is always there, in your hand, in your pocket, on your bedside table and as much as you can physically leave work we generally always have something physical that resembles work around us – our mobiles. Emails can wait until tomorrow and Instagram will be there in morning so switch it off, put it down and take note of what is actually happening around you.





At the start of your day, write down three things that you definitely need to get done by the end of the day and do the hardest one first. If you can get through the three things you wrote down, anything else you manage to get done is a bonus and you’ll feel that smug feeling of having a super productive day…then you can treat yourself to a bit of wine time, extra time in the gym or whatever it is that floats your life boat.





You should never actually achieve perfection, if you do it means you won’t feel the need to strive for more. Just be happy with it, that’s praise enough. If you can actually stand back from whatever situation your reviewing and say ‘actually yeah, I’m pretty happy with that’ then you’ve done all you can and you’ve satisfied that need to get it right.