There's something very special about the sight of fresh flowers around your home, either by your bed, on the kitchen counter top, or decorating your dining table. But, I'm no good at flower arranging, thankfully Sheerluxe have put together their 5 foolproof ways to style flowers making your home photo shoot ready - like something straight out of a Neptune Home catalogue. 




Probably Instagram’s most snapped bloom; peony season only lasts through to July, so make sure get in on the action fast. The stems that start out as tightly wrapped balls and bloom into mille feuille-esque petals look best in big bunches and styled in a simple vase. Add a little eucalyptus leaf for a hint of green, which works beautifully against the pretty pink hues.



A favourite for weddings, the sheer size of these blooms mean you only have to buy a few for them to look good – thankfully, as the price does rack up. Stick to the golden rule of odd numbers – we like three of five – and style them individually in a row of recycled glass vases or as a group stacked on top of your favourite coffee table books.



You may not be familiar with the name but you will have seen this delicate foliage everywhere. And ideal choice if you prefer a neutral or monochrome colour palette, these dainty white flowers look just right in an oversized apothecary vase.



The cool girl’s alternative to roses, these rosette-style blooms look best bunched in big groups. For a classic look, choose white and style in a simple bowl, or go for a more vintage, rustic vibe by stacking individual stems in mini bottle vases.



Stocks offer a spicy, clove-like scent so not only will they look gorgeous but they’ll make your home smell great, too.  A tall jar vase is a must to complement their tall stems and keep them standing upright but we love the idea of lining it with lemon slices for a look that belies even the most amateur of flower arranging skills.