I can’t quite believe it’s a year ago since my sister, my Muma and I planned my older sister’s hen do. We hauled a gaggle of girls to the countryside and hired a beautiful cottage where we had a fancy dinner, zorbed around a big lake (without throwing up) and even had a bake off competition. This get away style of hen do seems to be growing in popularity, but if you’re quite the party girl, why not do like the boys do and think about going a little further afield for a long weekend of all-night dancing sessions and gin-fuelled fun.


Well then, here’s where to head for a hedonistic hen party…




It’s an obvious choice. They’ve got canals, clubs and copious amounts of cafes serving up a dose of the green stuff. Yes a city break here is packed with culture, but with an underground dance scene to rival other popular party islands, Amsterdam is a hotbed of the world’s biggest DJs.




Lay back in the day and get lit after dark. With golden beaches offering up the ultimate pre-party tanning sessions and open-air dance clubs, as well as a gigantic beachside dance festival - Barcelona has got the balance of beach vibes just right. 




We’ve all watched the hangover and as the credits roll immediately made plans to head out and get turned up - well why not go the whole hog and make your way to the original ‘Sin City’. Glittery gambling queens adorn the aisles of just about every hotel, whilst a bevy of beautiful young people frolic at the daily pool parties and late-night super clubs. 



When I went to Berlin, I spent the entire time walking around saying ‘this is so weird’. A total clash of communist style architecture and cool young hipsters with spray cans make Berlin a super trendy stop for a hen party. From jazz and techno to hip-hop joints, all bases are covered along this city’s buzzing avenues. 




A totally different clubbing culture, Rio’s street food and spectacular street parades amp up the party spirit almost nightly. Al fresco bars, complete with pool and sweaty samba joints - try something new and embrace their healthy passion for pop music. 




Known as the city that never sleeps, New York’s party scene simply won’t disappoint. Go down town and party with the locals or get dressed up and head somewhere swanky with the up town crowd.