If you’re anything like me, your skin is almost A-OK 90% of the time, except for when you have that big thing coming up that you need to have spangly skin for…I don’t know…like your wedding day or something.

Despite knocking back Cameron Diaz’s recommended 2-3 litres of water every day, living a plant based lifestyle and exercising like a beast, our skin sometimes has a life of its own with pimples popping up and dry patches prickling around our noses in an untimely fashion. Well, have no fear, wedding day skin peachier than a Victoria Secret models bottom is on its way, in no time at all.





Hangovers and late nights all amount to nothing more than dam good memories…no…wait, sorry they amount to nothing more than dull, sallow skin. No dramas, this is all down to dehydration and that’s easy to fix. Crawl to the bathroom, exfoliate your face and gently pat it dry. Then give yourself a little face massage using your regular moisturiser, take your time to apply it in circular motions to boost circulation. Or, if you’re really hungover and reeeeeeally late for work, splash your face with cold water and fake your way to a well-rested face. 





If your skin has a few dry patches and is inflamed, or you suffer from a skin condition such as rosacea, run the tap for a while and wash your face with warmish water before drying off and applying a super hydration for the nation moisturiser. If your skin is a little over sensitive in this way, opt for some calming, anti-redness products…especially at this time of year. If this is a sudden and unexpected flush of red, you may want to think about any new products you’ve been trying and stop using them ASAP to avoid further red face. 





Not literally. My mum used to tell me to push them back in, whichever never did, and still doesn’t work despite my efforts. If you wake up with a few bruisers on your face, take a minute to think why they might be erupting. Knackered? Stressed? Fell off the band wagon and ate a sharing Galaxy bar to yourself? Yes. All of the above…forget about it. That’s life. Slap on a deep-cleansing face mask to purify your skin at the start of the day. And, even though you’ll be tempted to go full face camo, avoid this at all costs. Instead, opt for make up thats a little more lightweight - a complexion corrector and a good concealer will do the trick.