Getting your zzzzzz's in



Whilst we all try and get in the full 8 hours, sometimes life, as it is, doesn't allow for a good night's sleep. Making do with too little or disrupted shuteye, we've forgotten just how important our duvet time is. Vital for overall health and well being, a good old fashioned sleep has the power to enhance your mood and can even make your days more productive. 


From a change in temperature to what time you settle your head, here's a few ways (8 to be precise) to make sure you get those 8 precious hours...


1. Make your bedroom your sanctuary - chuck out the clutter, wipe out all the tech and dim the lights a little. Surround yourself with luxuriously soft furnishings and you'll soon begin to unwind and relax. 


2. Regulate - get your temperature right and you'll have a more comfortable night of sleep. Most importantly, choose the right mattress, You need one that can breathe, natural fillings such as wool are your best bet for regulating heat. 


3. Go easy on the midnight snacks - eating or drinking a lot before bedtime will get your body working on digestion and so you'll struggle to fall into a deep sleep. Opt for a herbal drink or warm milk before bed for a restful body. 


4. Make sure your bed is snug and comfy - Sounds simple, but so many of us are sleeping on an unsupportive mattress. Allow plenty of room between the two of you if you're sharing and try and get yourself a mattress whereby the pressure is distributed evenly across your body. 


5. Lights out - It's time to turn off the table lamp. Go dark and go quiet and your body will know exactly what the plan is. 


6. Bed time - a regular sleeping routine makes it easier for your mind and your body to rest. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, where you can obviously, and you'll settle quicker.


7. The power of the pen - Night time is often the time we have our best eureka moments. If you find your head full of business plans and answers to solutions right when you're trying to nod off - put a notebook by your bed and write them down. Once they're out of your head and down on paper, you won't worry about forgetting them so you can drift off in peace. 


8. Pyjama party - getting the right pjs on helps you prioritise the process of getting ready for bed and they'll make you feel cosy too.