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The  flowers are sorted, the dress fits just right and the prosecco is on point next up the fun bit…honeymoon planning! Buuut not all is as it seems, turns out you can actually get it very wrong. Whilst you’re busying yourself with guest lists and cake , honeymooning is often last minute and a little less planned than perhaps it should be. Travel expert Melissa Biggs Bradley notes that few vacations come with greater expectations as she states,  ‘A honeymoon marks the official start of your married life and so seems to carry with it signs of what the future will hold.’ No pressure then!




One major mistake, Biggs Bradley says, is planning a trip that’s super adventurous or far-flung right after the big day. After days of intense emotion and one hell of a party, you’re likely to be fairly knackered – if you then have to jump on a long flight or settle straight into a safari, chances are you’ll end up snapping at each other and loosing your shit instead of getting lost in it all. Melissa claims she knows couples who slept for the first four days of their honeymoon because they travelled such a long distance after such an epic wedding week. Instead, Melissa recommends picking something easy-breezy and low-key or having a little buffer time between the wedding and a major honeymoon.




Marriage is all about compromise and it starts at the honeymoon. Granted it’s one of the easier and slightly more enjoyable compromises to be made but it still needs to be a conversation to make sure you’re both getting what you want. Surprises are nice…sometimes…but not on this occasion. Often the best honeymoons are built on the ideas of both people, each adding a flavour of what they like – an activity or a region to make one epic trip. If there’s just no agreeing, get a travel expert involved to help make the planning process a little more seamless.




New is great, and a honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to head off and explore somewhere neither of you have been before – together. But be sure to do your research, couples who love super luxurious resorts should avoid a remote location with limited accommodation options, whilst more active folk just won’t enjoy two weeks on a private beach with little else to do but chill. The more honest you can be about what you both want the easier it is to book the right trip. So, ask what’s important. Hotel, location, activities or food?




Of course your expectations for your honeymoon are high, and rightly so, but be sure to bring a relaxed attitude because travel doesn’t always go to plan. If it rains, or you loose your luggage, your marriage is not doomed it just happens - so try not to imagine a picture perfect scenario, as chances are real life won’t play ball. Be prepared with a few back up bikinis and board shorts in your hand luggage, that way if it all goes Pete Tong you can still head to the surf or relax on the beach whilst you wait for your bag.