Is it just me, or is anybody else sick of hearing about how many goji berries to put on our porridge, and what you can do instead of going to the pub this dry January??


Snore. Just because we’ve indulged over the festive period, doesn’t mean we have to turn into self-righteous, alcohol free skinny bitches for the first month of the year. I’m an avid believer of the phrase, ‘start how you mean to go on’. So why not start this year going out and about in the evening, yes learning new exercises and trying new classes but also having a glass of wine and a giggle every now and then too?


For one week of every month we put our men through enough drama as it is, don’t be that grumpy gluten-free, detox Debbie, I’ll only go out if they serve quinoa girl this January. Get yourself dressed up nice, book a table somewhere romantic (and healthyish to keep you happy too) and enjoy some time with your loved one instead of getting wrapped up in a pilates machine and pulling so many muscles you can just about slip out of bed, let alone slip into something sexy. Here are a few date night dressing ideas to inspire you…