Wedding branding is essentially deciding the style of your big day, and it’s best done in the earliest stages of your wedding planning. It makes sure everything is consistent from the save the date to the flowers on the table, and let’s be honest consistency is key. So, if you’ve just got engaged and you’re in a world of wedding mags, dress dilemmas and endless episodes of ‘my big fat gypsy wedding.’ STOP. Take a breather, and have a read of this blog post, before you do anything.

Pinterest is your best friend

You use it as a moodboard for life, for your wardrobe, what you eat and how to style your coffee tables so, it makes sense to set up a Pinterest board for your wedding. Make it a secret to keep your theme and style a surprise, and pin away! Go for images that represent you as a couple, choose colours that he likes too, and cover everything. This process will naturally present a style that you’re drawn to, and from here you can narrow down the specifics like the dress, the type of flower and the style of stationery. 

Show your colours

From the pictures on your Pinterest wedding board, pick out the colours that crop up the most. Choose around 5, two or three of these will be your base colours the rest will be highlight tones. The colours you choose should relate to your chosen style of wedding. I.e. If you’re going boho it’s best to opt for neutral, natural colours rather than bold and bright. 

The finishing touch

Soft satins, rustic wood textures or luxurious crushed velvets. You can incorporate these textures into the style of you wedding stationery. As one of the most important ways to express the style and ‘branding’ of your wedding, you favourite textures - including foiling, can be put to good use through your wedding stationery. 

Style your words

Yes, words are important but the way they’re written can make the words that are written all the more poignant. Does that make sense? So, if you’ve gone for a traditional, typically romantic theme then calligraphy and classical font choices will be best for your stationery. Whatever the style, there’s a font out there for it, and just like you and your beloved, some fonts just fit together - rely on your wedding stationer to help you find the right typography pairing.  



Yes. Logo. Even weddings can have logos. Whether it’s a floral wreath a blend of your initials, or even an illustration of the place you met, you can use your logo in the build up to, and on the day. Table plans can be designed to incorporate the logo used on invitations and menus alike. So, from save the dates all the way through to a personalised correspondence set, set your heart on a logo.