There a few key things that people think of when they start planning a wedding. Besides, should I set the date for three years time so I can work on these bingo wings…one of the biggies is getting a photographer that can make those bingo wings look like tennis toned, athletic weapons. The top 3 tips I can give you to consider when looking for your perfect photographer are…




From the get go, you’ll be able to judge the style of a photographer, their website alone will give a lot of clues. Then you need to look at the photographic and editing style. Are the images dark and seductive or do they go for light, airy and super natural shots? Do they change up the shot distance or is it all up close and personal? Do they pick a key colour and stick with it? And, most importantly, what is it about their style that sets them apart from the rest?




This guy or gal is essentially going to be a guest at your wedding, so you most definitely need to meet with them first and get a feel for their vibe. Some photographers struggle to find the time for these initial meet and greets, but to avoid any unwanted stress on the big day, I’d highly recommend arranging a quick catch up ahead of time. 




Although it’s third on the list, experience is still a big factor when it comes to having your picture taken the right way. Do a little background check, and scroll through the photographers back history. Have they been in the game for a few years now, or are they straight out of the university dark room? Either is fine, so long as your confident in the person behind the camera. 



At the end of the day, you really get what you pay for with photography. So once you’ve done your research, take another look at your budget and be sure you’ve set a realistic limit for what you’re after. Your stationery is the introduction to your most special day, but the photographs are lasting memories you’ll hold onto for the rest of your life, so invest your time and money well.