I’m a big fan of all things copper. If I had the budget, all of my cooking pans would be copper. I would wear a grey linen apron in the kitchen, whilst whipping up an old Italian recipe, handed down through the generations of women in my family. I’m not Italian (despite my distracting Roman nose). And I can’t afford copper pans. But all the same, it’s not a bad dream to aspire to. 

Whilst the ‘fashion’ bods on Lorraine might be telling you that silver lamé is where it’s at. It’s not. Silver lamé works on Trinny Woodall and not many others…that includes you Lady Gaga, throw the cheek skimming, hot pants out. But back to copper. Understated, sophisticated and with just the lightest touch of luxe - copper is the finest addition to just about everything. Cutlery, packaging, jewellery and even interiors. It’s the somewhat tarnished sister of the slightly more indulgent sibling, gold. And, even if you clad an entire room clad with the stuff, it still wouldn't feel overwhelming. 

I use copper tape, traditionally used around the top of flower pots to deter slugs and snails from eating people’s herbs and strawbs, for my packaging. Just one strip to finish a plain white box, it’s my version of quality assured tape. Securing all the crafted paper goods with a seductively untouched seal. Its metallic finish and chilled temperature to the touch, there’s something quite regal and unexpected about its delicate appearance but robust nature. It does the job and looks dam fine doing it. In my book, if it’s got copper on it, in it or around it…it’s worth having.