A very wise man once told me about the 7 P's...Prior Planning and Preparation Prevents a Piss Poor Performance...and ever since that day I do my best to live by that method. Granted, when my sisters ask me if I'm free next month for lunch, more often than not I reply 'I'm not even sure what I'm doing this afternoon!'

But there is one thing that keeps me in check and that's a good list. A list to me, is my version of the 7Ps. Every morning, as I sit down with my black coffee and ice cold triangles of watermelon chipped from the back of our temperamental fridge that thinks it's a freezer, I write my 'to do' list. Even if it's much the same as the day before...'must Tweet and Instagram...walk Django (our Rhodesian Ridgeback)...decide what to cook for dinner'...without fail, I write my 'to do' list. In chronological order, of course. 

So, to help you frantic brides to be, I've put together a wedding stationery timeline. A step-by-step, month-by-month guide to when you should be licking stamps and sealing envelopes. Look scary? Chill your bones. I'll cut you a deal. I'll take care of the bits listed 'design invitations, etc' all you need to do is confirm the RSVPs and deal with the dreaded seating plan.