It’s that time of year when people just keep popping in, we host one too many dinner parties, and to top it all off stupidly plan a last minute mince pie party on Christmas Eve too. But the festivities don’t necessarily mean rainbow lights and tacky tinsel, you can dress your dinner with classy decor. 

This year is all about molten metallics, so why not lay the table with classic gold underplates, sleek and simple martini glasses and perfectly poised place names. Or opt for all out copper cutlery, snowy eucalyptus fauna and all white porcelain plates and pieces. 

Whatever style you go for, choose out a colour scheme and that’ll make the picking out process a lot easier. Don’t get distracted with an exotic neon, Mexican inspired wall hanging, stick to your palette, stock the bar with nice looking bottles and your table will look as good as the grub you’re serving up.

Here's some inspiration to get your creative thinking juices going...