It’s a much loved, but somewhat forgotten Christmas tradition that all started way back when in 1843. Since that day when Sir Henry Cole and John Horsley designed the very first Christmas card, we’ve lovingly posed for festive family portraits, cut out snowflakes to stick on tacky silver card and sent out a last minute Christmas card to the girl you went to school with when you were twelve who annoyingly remembered to send one to you. 

It might seem like a small and simple gesture, but even sending Christmas cards comes with a few guidelines. So, here goes…




Whilst you should be early, you don’t want to be that guy spreading Christmas cheer half way through October. Technically, your cards should reach their recipients around the middle of December, so get them in post before the second week of December to stick to your timings. But remember, the post office can get super clogged up at this time of year, so don’t rock up to the post office all sweaty and stressed and swear and shout at the equally sweaty and stressed postal lady. Plan accordingly and remember to keep up the Christmas spirit. 




Granted this has been written by a lady whose business relies on snail mail, but still…I think we can all comprehend the classlessness of a bloody e-card. They’re lazy, totally impersonal and show a distinct lack of ‘we wish you a merry christmas’. Order a pack of six proper Christmas cards and send them out to your nearest and dearest if that’s all you can be faffed with, but please, please, please don’t send a bloody e-card!!




Everyone appreciates a handwritten message, as long as it’s straight to the point and fairly short. We’ve (hopefully) got lots of cards to wade through and hang up at this time of year, so keep it brief and sweet and don’t start going on about what Judy and Rudy have done this year. We all pretend to care at cocktail parties but honestly, if I miss out on sipping a winter Pimms because I’ve spent twenty minutes reading how well your kids did in their summer sports tournament…you’ll most likely receive a sarcastically written Christmas card telling you how fast my dog runs down the beach every morning. Stick to a festive message from our family to yours. 



That’s really all you need to know!