Glitter in your eyes might not sound like an ideal way to spend a Saturday night, but it’s all the rage, and there’s a way to do it properly without your tear ducts streaming and dancing around with squinty eyes like a drunken mess. Burberry did it with clean skin, a little smokiness around the eye and a whole lot of sass. And we all know if Burberry does it, then it’s probably awesome. 

So, how do you get your lids looking lavish?

You can stick with Burberry and get yourself their new Shimmer Dust for just £20, available in both gold and silver so you can go all winter warmer or cold as ice. Our second tip is remember that glitter tends to have a mind of its own, so don’t try and plan the process. The look should be deliciously dishevelled, like a supermodel elegantly stumbling out of studio 54 with her rocker boyfriend on her arm on a Wednesday at 3am. A bit messy, but just perfectly put together. 

As for when to wear the look…I wouldn’t test it out on a Monday in the office. Keep this little gem for festive forays and winter weddings only. Ease yourself in with a metallic eyeliner before going all out dazzle eyes and you’ll soon be ready to put a sparkle in your eye (literally) and catch the eyes of all the right people.