There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning a wedding, heck, there’s a lot to think about when you’re not planning a wedding.  With so many lists, decisions and places to visit, there’s bound to be a slip up somewhere along the way.  Our job at the studio is to stop any stationery related hiccups before they even arise.


So, here’s what not to do and how we can help to do it right…




Counting, re-counting and still counting incorrectly.  So many people fall into the trap of counting one couple as two separate guests that both need invitations. Over-ordering by a few won’t hurt, just in case you suddenly remember your fiancés great Aunt Joan at the very last minute, just don’t be doubling up too much.


Hit us with a final, final, finalised list before ordering your set of invitations, and add on another two or three just to be safe.




Sacking off the Save the Date…big mistake. Nowadays people pop to Spain for the weekend and book their children’s play dates a year in advance. With our busy modern lifestyles it’s a good idea to give your guests as much of a heads up, as early as possible, to avoid any awkward ‘Oooo I’m sorry we got a good deal on a trip to Paris that weekend.’


Get in quick and contact us sooner rather than later to secure your special date in the diaries of your loved ones.




Being too organized for your own good. Never set your table plan in stone too far in advance. Even after rsvp’s have been returned sometimes things don’t go to plan. Family arguments, break ups, a work trip with the boss…all those post-its will need re-arranging whilst you sit in front of the telly in you dressing gown…AGAIN!


If you’re not sure about turnaround times and how late you can afford to leave it, just ask and we’ll give you a day to get it done by.




Be sure to specify whether children are welcome or not. You don’t want to be sat down for you wedding breakfast only to find you need twenty more chairs and some colouring books before shit hits the fan between sweet little Otto and Henry.


Make space for names on your rsvp and include some wording that makes it clear children are absolutely or absolutely not welcome.